We have so many people coming to us for a replacement hoverboard charger after being scared that theirs would catch fire or blow up, that we decided to put our 36V – 42V chargers for sale separately.

One of the most frequent problems with hoverboard chargers is that they simply stop working. This is because the charger that comes with a hoverboard is more than often cheaply made, lightweight pieces of trash.

Hoverboard Charger Compatibility

We GUARANTEE that our hoverboard charger will fit! (or your money back!)

Although we see a wide variety of broken hoverboard chargers, most of the charging ports on the hoverboards themselves (even knockoff self-balancing electric scooters) are the same. This is good news for you since you’re probably here looking to buy a replacement hoverboard charger anyways.

Replacement Hoverboard Charger Quality

We only use the best quality parts for our hoverboards, and this hoverboard charger for sale is no exception. Just based on weight alone, you can tell that our replacement charger is superior to the one you originally received with your hoverboard purchase.


This hoverboard charger has the following built-in protections:

  1. Short circuit protection
  2. Overvoltage protection
  3. Over-current protection
  4. Reverse polarity connect protection


Our new hoverboard chargers have some additional great features as well. For example, our chargers do not include a fan, and for good reason. Hoverboard chargers with fans are in themselves a useless marketing ploy.

Unfortunately, for each hoverboard charger with a fan, there is risk of liquid getting into the hoverboard charging adapter fan area. This could cause a short circuit, which in turn could be dangerous.

Here are some of the features of this hoverboard charger:

  1. Charges at 1.7 amps (vs. competition typically only 1.2 to 1.5 amps)
  2. Adaptive wide input voltage range (100-240Vac, 50/60HZ)
  3. Moisture-proof housing
  4. The dual-color status LED light (the red light means charging, green/blue light means the battery is full or disconnect)
  5. High efficiency and low power consumption
  6. Multiple Certifications
Swegway Charger Hoverboard Swegway CE Charger